Relationships Drive Long Term Success.

As a fiduciary firm, we hold your interests above our own. We believe trust is difficult to earn and is only achievable through long-term relationships—relationships built upon a deep understanding of who you are and what you hope to achieve.

A Firm Committed To Your Goals

We believe collaboration and communication is necessary for us to seek and share best practices in wealth management and uncover new opportunities for you. We never lose sight of the fact that you worked hard for your assets, so we are equally committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Our Process Feels Tailored For You—Because It Is.



The KMG process starts with you because it’s based on you and every aspect of your life. It begins by getting to know each other. Backgrounds. Experiences. Values. Goals. Every special concern and challenge.



From there we gather necessary data, documents and statements for thorough analysis and review. We develop a strategic plan tailored for you. Once agreed upon, we implement the plan, careful to monitor portfolios and risk profiles to ensure all aspects of the plan remain in alignment.



We stay in close contact because we know circumstances often change. We’re aware of the constantly evolving nature of our clients’ financial lives and are prepared to address any changes and events on an ongoing basis.