The KMG Fiduciary Partners Philosophy.

The only way to serve your interests is to approach business from a client-focused perspective. The best part of this philosophy is getting to know who you are.

Fee Only. It’s The Only Way We Do Business.

We do not work for commissions, which frees us to devote our time to the only thing that matters: your success.

We Earn Your Trust Every Day.

We founded KMG Fiduciary Partners to embody the ideals necessary to be an independent, trusted advisor: Fiduciary responsibility, informed expertise, personal integrity, and a long-term point of view.

It Begins With You.

At KMG, every client relationship begins with a personalized financial plan and/or investment policy statement. That’s only possible because we take the time to get to know you personally. We strive to deeply understand who you are and what your personal situation is. Before we offer guidance, we want to thoroughly understand your dreams and the goals you have in mind.